Mission and Vision

Agile Estimation and Forecasting training in Seoul, South Korea

Our mission is to support the businesses in their movement to the next maturity level by adoption of Agile and Lean ways of thinking and working.

We believe that any organization will deliver better products and services to its customers after the adoption of Agile and Lean practices in their value chain - starting form research, development, and production; and finishing with human resources and finances.
In order to achieve that we educate and coach the leaders of organizations using industry proven methodologies like the Kanban Method and Scrum, success stories, and personal experience. We also train the employees in all details of the Kanban Method and Scrum Agile approaches by offering certified basic, intermediate and advanced classes.
We do emphasize the need of data-driven decision making using objective information provided by a minimal set of Agile metrics.
Unlike others, we strive to stick not only to the letter but also to the Spirit of Agile and Lean philosophies, we do not cut the corners during the transformation process, and work individually with every client and always tailor our approach to achieve maximum possible improvement.

While we're located in Eindhoven, North Brabant, The Nerherlands, our services span worldwide.

Our services


Certified public and in-company trainings covering Agile and Lean methodologies, the Kanban Method and Scrum for team members and managers at all knowledge and maturity levels


Our coaching services include in-company Agile, Kanban, and Scrum transformations and personal coaching with proven track record of successful and sustained transformations


During complex transformations and long term assignments our associates will work full time embedded in your organization as Agile project/program managers and coaches

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